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Valpo Surf Project, Olas para todos, Temahaku, Escuela de surf refinería petróleo Concón.

There are schools specialising in social integration, financed by means of national funds, along with others dedicated to surfers with disabilities, where the majority of members on the national squad are trained. For example, the Viña Surfing Club is home to almost 50% of the national adapted side.

The city’s universities are gradually integrating surfing into their sporting activities, and the School Olympics, taking place in the city in 2019, will also feature surfing as a discipline, with the hope that each school will be able to present a side.

Concón is the first ever protected cardio beach, led by a private firm, Waterman, where lifeguards and those in charge of resuscitation equipment work in direct collaboration with surf schools and instructors. This model has been replicated throughout the country.

Another firm is training surfers in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), providing training to instructors around the country, which is changing the professional profile of surfers.