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Montañita is a commune that belongs to Manglaralto located in Santa Elena city and in the ecuadorian coastline. In this coastline there is a touristic product denominated “La Ruta del Sol”.

Montañita It´s 200 km far away Guayaquil city where the most near international airport is located.l), It´s in front of the Pacific Ocean at the west coast of South America.

In Montañita took place the first international Surf Championship of Ecuador in the year 1988. Since that year this city has been the beach for latinoamerica circuit each year (ALAS) such as the REEF CLASSIC Ecuador. Montañita had its first World Championship ISA MASTER, on april 2.013.  In this day the offers and demands of this sport is very big in this city and in the country.

Montañita beach constitutes for the country as a surf icon (main surf city) and one of the pioneer beachs in the offer of this activity. One of the principal reasons is because of his coastline characteristics and geographic ubication it receive all year swells coming from north and south directions.

According to Ministry of Tourism this city represents one of the most important touristic destinations inside the beach and sun type of tourism segment at the ecuadorian coastline, and its reasons is because so many local and foreign tourist decide to visit this city each year. And its considered Ecuador surf city capital.

The masive touristic affluence that this commune receive makes that their economy gets dynamize and also of the village closet o Montañita.creating employees places that are beneficiable to the local people and people that goes from other parts of the region. Also, the tourism has impulse the increasing of touristic entreprises such as hotels, restaurants and travel agency and  que presenta un desarrollo considerable, en relación al resto de localidades aledañas, con inversión tanto nacional como extranjera.