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Lacanau is on the Atlantic coast of Médoc, 40 km from Bordeaux, 2h30 from Paris thanks to the LGV and 30 minutes from Bordeaux Mérignac airport. Lacanau is an extraordinary landscape, with its 16 km of oceanic coastline and exceptional natural conditions: a lake, impeccable water quality, ideal conditions for gliding.

The development of the City and its 3 poles of life was accompanied bÿ the implementation of numerous community facilities adapted to the reception of a rejuvenated population. Indeed, the city today has many sports, cultural, educational and leisure facilities. So we can find at:

  • Lacanau "town" 1 football field and 1 annex field, 1 athletics track, 2 indoor sports halls (COSEC) with specific equipment (dance hall and dojo) petanque courts, 1 private riding stables, 1 riding equipment close to city stadium, 1 young skate park of regional renown, 1 wall of climbing.
  • Around the lake: 1 center for sailing, canoeing, water skiing, 1 private water ski center.
  • Lacanau Océan: the Pôle de I'Ardilouse which offers a sports center.
  1.  golf 18 hole
  2. hole golf course
  3. golf schooL
  4. 12 outdoor tennis courts
  5. 4 indoor tennis courts
  6. 1 trinquet
  7. 2 squash rooms
  8. 1 private equestrian center
  9. 1 big playground

In the seaside resort, there are also petanque courts 1 Maison de la Glisse with a kite-surf and coastal rescue center 1 Wave-ski center 1 skate park. From now on, the layout of the space is organized and matures.

In Lacanau, we undeniably have the Legacy of Surfing and Sliding. Located in the heart of a hundred kilometers of sandy beach offering several hundred surf spots in the middle of nature, Lacanau has always been the driving force behind surfing in Gironde and one of the most active in France and Europe.

The Lacanau Surf Club has been a "surf culture agitator" since the 1950s. Officially established in 1967, it quickly brought together a community of surfers and since 1979 has organized championships of international renown.

In addition, in the early 1990s, Lacanau organized one of the first competitions of Waveski and is internationally recognized for its nautical stadium in Pitrotto host world championship events.

Today, Lacanau has undeniable experience in the organization of major competitions: Lacanau Pro, Lacanau Gliss Festival, Euro Sup. Lacanau also has also the label "Surf City”.

Proof of this is historic dynamism: the International Tandem Surfing Federation (ITSA - International Tandem Surfing Association) recognized by the ISA was created in 2005 in Lacanau and is domiciled in Lacanau (by Rico Leroy and Jérémy Boisson). 

Lacanau claims to be a land of champions and committed sportsmen. Among the competitors and personalities of the Lacanau Surf club, we can mention: Gisèle Bidon, Nadège Guillet, Jacques Hèle (honorary president of ISA), Thierry Fernandez (winner of the Lacanau Pro 82, champion of Europe and France ), Yann Martin (vice-champion of Europe, 3x champion of France surfing), Bérangère Planté (champion of France), Damien Noel (junior champion of surfing France), Justine Dupont (member of the World Tour of Surfing, champion of Europe, France, surf and longboard), Pascal Basurko (European junior bodyboard champion), Cédric Grèze (French bodyboard champion), Christophe Lalande (European junior surf champion), Adrien Valéro, Geoffroy Henno, Nathan Hèle, Yannick Gauthier (finalists France and Europe), Eric Leroy and Sarah Burel (multiple world champions, Europe and France tandem surf).