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Donostia-San Sebastian is a city of 180,000 inhabitants situated on the east coast of the Basque Country. Washed by the rough waters of the Cantabrian the city has 3 very active beaches for practising nautical sports. Zurriola beach is the most exposed and has the best waves for surfing. It hosts important surfing events such as the world ASP, Pro Juniors, children's trials, national circuits and others. At present there are 11 surf schools and its beaches are regulated.

Surfing started in the city in the 1950s with the Artetxe brothers and since then names such as Marta Huercanos, Pablo Postigo, Inigo, Iraola, Oskar Garcia, Benat Elosua, Kepa Alvarez, Borja Agote and Norman Landa have been great emissaries of San Sebastian surfing at all kinds of international events.  

Its location, surrounded by the great breakers at places like Mundaka, Menakoz, Punta Galea, Zarautz, Hossegor and Anglet just an hour away, and its attractive provision of leisure activities make San Sebastian an ideal place to enjoy surfing on the Basque Coast.

Outstanding in this surfing environment are: Pukas, the largest manufacturer of surf boards in Europe; Wave Garden, the company that is revolutionising the world of surf with its artificial wave designs; Trinityboardsport, engineering that designs parabolic boards and chips incorporated in the surf boards; and Surfilmfestibal, the first surf film festival in the world, among others.


  • 600 registered surfers
  • Resources managed by surf schools ad clubs: €72,000 a year
  • 5 surf events and championships that generate €132,000 a year
  • 48 companies linked specifically to the surfing industry. 14 public agents.
  • Turnover in the industry: €6,196,900 (2010)
  • The turnover in the surfing sector represents 0.03% of the GDP in Guipuzcoa.
  • Employment: 150 people
  • 6,500 people-tourists who practise surf visit us a year.
  • Annual turnover of €2,730,000 from visitors, tourists and surf enthusiasts in the city.
  • 17 support organisations (associations and federations, training centres or universities, technological research centres).

The surf industry cluster "Surf City Donostia" encompasses 79 partners in the surf industry, administration, public entities, technological centres and universities. Together they develop an action plan that seeks to improve the ranking of this sector internationally, providing its companies and professionals with new and more efficient competitive tools through innovation, training, cooperation and talent.


Donostia-San Sebastian is interested in personal exchange between countries, on-line marketing between countries, joint tourist promotion, cooperation projects between companies and R+D centres in cities belonging to WSCN, technological development and development of the market.

We are also interested in actions to economically promote the surf sector such as support to business initiative, technological innovation in the industry, marketing and international positioning in the sector, training and regulation of beaches, as well as the promotion of sports events and professionalisation of surf.


Innovation in the surf sector of Donostia-San Sebastian has always existed and always been a characteristic feature of the city; most definitely a consequence of the dedication of the country and its enterprises. The Basque Country has an excellent system of technological centres with a long trajectory and much experience with industry in general.

Surf companies such as Pukas, Wave Garden, Ocean and Tempolios have developed excellent products and services with a high technological value in the last few years.

In San Sebastian work is specifically done to stimulate innovation in the surf sector and in that of its entrepreneurs, proposing actions such as annual seminars on Surf and Innovation, where relevant people in the world of industry and surf inspire and share knowledge, or the Surf Board Innovation Contest set up in cooperation with companies and universities.

Specialist engineering and research companies:

Innovation in surf products

Urban Observatory
Projects of interest in Surf City Donostia      


Tourism is one of the main economic activities in the city of Donostia-San Sebastian, and not least is surf tourism. It is calculated that around 6,500 visitors/tourists practice surf in the city each year, representing a turnover of €2,730,000. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Cantabria and not for nothing did the prestigious publication National Geographic rank it as one of the 20 best surf cities in the world, thanks to its beauty and the range and variety of leisure activities. 

Products and services to highlight.
Green Nest Hostel /Uba Aterpetxea. Alternative, green, sustainable, eco-efficient and open to multicultural relations, which seeks to attract, most particularly young people, families and research groups, innovation, culture and sport, placing special emphasis on the surf sector, which attracts so many tourists to the city.

Donostia Surf Camp San Sebastian A surf camp which combines the Green Nest Hostel / Uba Aterpetxea and the best surf schools in the city. Surf packets with accommodation and other leisure activities are offered.

  • Surf Friendly Accommodation
  • Surf schools
  • Donostia San Sebastian Tourism


The surf industry is grouped around the surf industry cluster "Surf City Donostia". In this forum, in addition to companies and public and sports institutions, another series of strategic partners participate namely universities and research centres.

The weight of business and the manufacturers is very important in the sector overall, in which the variety of activities and typology of companies stand out: distribution companies, enterprises manufacturing technical material, textiles and accessories, shops, audio-visual companies, communication media, events organisers, engineers, surf schools and specialised accommodation.

The industry has the public support of Fomento de San Sebastian, the city's economic development agency which transmits and offers a considerable number of grants, services and support programmes for the creation of jobs and new companies.

Outstanding in this surfing environment are: Pukas, the largest manufacturer of surf boards in Europe; Wave Garden, the company that is revolutionising the world of surf with its artificial wave designs; Trinityboardsport, engineering that designs parabolic boards and chips incorporated in the surf boards; and Surfilmfestival, the first surf film festival in the world, among others.


  • 1.600 federation registered surfers
  • 2.5 surf events and championships that generate €132,000 a year
  • 3.65 companies in the sector
  • 4.Manufacturing in the sector in 2010 came to €6,196,900, which represents 0.03% of the GDP in Guipuzcoa.
  • 5.150 jobs

List of companies
Surf industry observatory 

Currently the city has set up a Plan for the regulation of beaches with the aim of organising and managing spaces dedicated to different beach users. This new regulation covers the functioning of th surf, SUP and canoeing schools as well as the spaces for bathers and other nautical activities. Participating in this process were surf schools, the surf federation of Guipuzcoa, the Red Cross, the municipal sports association and the beach service of the town hall.

Thanks to the transfer of methodology to teach people with visual disability how to surf undertaken by the instructor Cisco Araña in the city of Santos, the surf schools in the city work with students with reduced vision.

Some organisations such as Gondolin Kluba annually carry out river cleaning programmes or seminars to support Saharan children.

Annually, clubs and schools in the city participate in the project Ocean Initiatives on the awareness and preservation of the coast.



  1. Surffilm Festival
  2. Basque Surf Circuit
  3. Oakley Surf Challenge 
  4. Sportjam
  5. Donostia Single Fin Festival 

Through the "Surf City Donostia" Cluster Specialised training in surf is offered on management, marketing, events, positioning and internet sales. At the same time, companies and young people under the age of 30 have the opportunity to obtain an internationalisation grant to train through working in an organisation or companies in the surf sector. Already more than 20 young people have participated in these grants.

The business and learning services of Fomento de San Sebastian offer training in computer skills, administration and accounts, instruction in specific innovative profiles in the sector: how to create a business line in Surf, Commercial Management in Surf, Commercial seasonal sales (board sports special), Managing surfing clubs and associations, Work experience in companies in the sector. 

  1. Expert course in Marketing applied to surf - Mondragon University
  2. Training possibilities at Fomento de San Sebastian
  3. Training possibilities Surf City Donostia
  4. Internationalisation grants Global Training
  5. University Master in creation and management of companies at Active Tourism



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