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In the last decade the Salinas surf industry has been constantly developing and maintaining thanks to the reception of surfers who are the main means of promotion. Based on this demand for surfing tourists, the offer has been diversified, new ventures are seen, the most favored sector could be said to be the hotel and gastronomic, which is verified with the wide cadaster of accommodation of the Ministry of Tourism . Another industry that is notable for its growth and positioning are places with surf personality with surf shops, skate yards, board and longboard rentals, surf school and legally constituted surf clubs. On the other hand, there is some local manufacturing and shapers based in Guayaquil that sell and promote their products in Salinas (Due to the proximity of the place). Finally, the textile manufacturing (bathing suits) and handicrafts of small innovation companies of local people as well as foreign residents, development of sunscreens for water for surfing, paraffin making, etc.

That is, there is a great diversity of offer and local products that compete with international brands.