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Salinas being one of the main tourist destinations on the coast of Ecuador as well as nationally, the people who visit it in love with its charms and surrounded by its natural resources decide to stay and live in this town, this has given way to that becomes a multicultural society allowing diversity in the offer of its services, including gastronomic and thus has become a destination of gastronomic innovation for its diversity of restaurants with different designs and themes, types of food, etc. Restaurants that offer quality services (most) care about proper food handling, synonymous with quality, etc.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Tourism, together with the Municipality of Salinas, concerned about the quality of tourist service by public servants, has undertaken projects with Training Workshops on Safety and Hospitality Protocols for police officers working in the town, this has It has been an innovation and has become a trend since in the rest of the country's tourist destinations this management has been adapted.

It is important to mention that the great growth of surf tourism has diversified activities in such a way that night tourism has developed practically on a par. Private investment with its new ventures has drawn so much attention from national and international tourism that a large number of foreigners, especially Americans and Europeans, have opted for ventures in Salinas.