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Being Montañita the surf capital of Ecuador has a main role at a national level as well in management of a correct planned development as in environmental and social responsibility and projects, as well as in projects to improve the quality of service offered in the field of tourism, in this case of surf (tourism of adventure)

We highlight the following initiatives:

“Banco de Tablas Montañita”: social project and self-management of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador that seeks to achieve that surfers with resources  donate their surfboards (used but in good condition) to donate it to children of the commune of low resources (that cannot access to this surfboards) and with high potential in the surf (children previously identified in a research)

Escuelas de Surf Comunitarias Montañita: Project of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador has developed a model of self-sustaining management for the surf schools of Montañita, giving work to the people of the locality; donating surfboards for rental of the same, training the surf instructors with international certifications to improve the quality of the surf classes, the tourist safety and security, professional ethics, environmental responsibility, and care of beaches. In such a way that all could be benefited (people of the commune, trainers, students, and tourists).

Headquarters for the Association of Surf Schools of Montañita: The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador invested a few years ago in an infrastructure of modules of surf that was being underutilized (in conditions not suitable). Currently this infrastructure works as the headquarters of the Association of Surf Schools of Montañita (EMSA), legally constituted, that brings together 15 surf schools, also legally constituted. Here students and teachers have bathrooms, showers, on the beach, where they can work properly in this way you are given a greater enhancement and professionalism to surfing in the locality.