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Lacanau is a land of challenges and wants to allow everyone to find his way, regardless of the level and practice of each.

Lacanau is a commune with a strong and dense associative fabric: More than a hundred associations whose half is linked to the world of skiing. Moreover, the Lacanau surf Club now has over 1.600 members and 20 employees.

Lacanau has also launched a real work of social integration and education through surfing and skiing. For example, the LSC has developed the Garden of Waves® in the 90 ', a surf course for 5-8 years, adapted in terms of supervision and playful above all, now copied throughout France, but never equal.

In 2018 took place the surf championship UNSS France in Lacanau, bringing together all French surfers collegians and thus recognizing Lacanau's unparalleled experience in learning surfing. Many events are created in partnership with the Lacanau Surf Club, such as 100% girls, small scoundrels, always with the aim of allowing everyone to practice his glide.

The Lacanau Surf Club was the first club labeled to welcome and develop the practice of surfing with public handicap- (see surf).

In 2005, the first steps in environmental awareness are made, and this is the birth of the "Surfin Nature" program. Finally, Lacanau has embarked on an eco-responsible event by signing the Eco event charter carried by association of” the flake to the wave”, and supported by the Ademe. This development of Lacanau by surfing and sliding also allows to consider new conditions of movement within the resort, with shared spaces on the seafront.

In addition, Lacanau is a development community by all the means it uses to maintain the conditions for access to skiing: The maintenance of the house of the slide, the creation and maintenance of skate parks, the free provision of showers on the waterfront at each beach access (more than 6 accesses equipped on Lacanau), the maintenance and development of the waterfront parking, The Ocean View at the level of the central beach, the large parking in the forest to the north and south of the station, the establishment and maintenance of descents to access the beaches (stairs, walkways, ganivelles) sanitary (north beach, south and central beach), Opening of the fire stations from May to October (6 posts on Lacanau) with the emergency jet ski and drop zones for the rescue helicopter.