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Lacanau is a modern and well maintained seaside resort, where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities for sport and relaxation. Among the many seaside resorts along the Côte d'Argent, Lacanau is also one of the most popular and most visited. Behind the beach and the dunes, Lacanau is a tourist town with a main pedestrian street, cafes, bars, shops, a cultural complex, a cinema, and a very pleasant atmosphere in any season.

Tourism represents more than 4,000 jobs on the Aquitaine coast, and 1.7 billion turnovers.

Today, the region brings together more than 1.000 sports educators around surfing and Lacanau includes 19 surf schools and half is labeled French surf school.

In order to best accommodate the tourists, a complete and diversified offer of accommodation is proposed: a total of commercial beds is estimated at 19.000 beds, dominated by the outdoor hotel industry.

The municipality plans to create a future conference center in Lacanau Océan. This new equipment project will accommodate business and corporate tourism in Lacanau and facilitate exchanges with the Bordeaux.

Initiated by Lacanau, an initiative bringing together all institutional players was launched to create a truly coherent approach to managing surfing practices. The goal is to enable sustainable development of surfing. The main orientations are:

-Maintain attractiveness and promote economic development -Provide better management to maximize benefits and minimize environmental impacts -Innovate to reconcile the regulatory requirements and the needs of structures -Regulate and regulate to allow a sustainable development of the activity.