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Lacanau is a land of innovation: Waveski, French Stand Up Paddle Championship (Bordeaux and Lacanau), tandem surf (with 2 world champions Rico Leroy and Sara Burel).

Lacanau has included in its local urban plan (“PLU"), voted in 2017, an area dedicated to innovation, skiing and digital. This area is located at the entrance of the city and intended to eventually host a project like the artificial wave.

In addition, in order to offer athletes a living environment allowing them to practice their sport safely, a health pole project on the Moutchic site (around Lake Lacanau) is underway. This pole will bring together a pool of health professionals to support but also the rehabilitation of all people.

Lacanau brings together a beautiful community of shapers, working in the most classic and most innovative way by using the materials available in the nearby environment.

Lacanau also welcomed the production plant of Aleeda suits in the first years of the European surf industry.