About World Surf Cities Network

A surf city is an urban area where surf, the culture of surf and employment in industries related to the surf sector constitute a significant part of the economic, social and base of the city and where there is a surf industry formally recognised by the administration of the city.

The elements to be taken into consideration in surf city are: location, natural resources and population size, industry (design and manufacture of surfboards, textile, accessories and equipment and retail trade), services (surf tourism, surf schools, surf competitions and events, education and training related to surfing, surf media, estate agency market related to surfing, etc.), the culture of surf (number of surfers and surf associations and federations, surf culture, history and icons of surf in the city) and recognition of the city's administration of the importance of the surf industry and its promotion.

Why a world network of surf cities?

The WSCN seeks to promote local economic activity (industry, tourism and local employment) through surf by sharing knowledge of ideas and cooperation in projects between surf cities.  The Network is led by the city of San Sebastian which has ample experience in innovation management.

Nine surf cities in Europe, America, America and Australasia make up the Network. All of them share the interest in local competitive enhancement through surfing.


  1. Improve the positioning of the member cities in the network as destinations of surf tourism.
  2. Contribute to the concept of "surf tourism linked to enjoying the city".
  3. Promote the creation of new local companies linked to surf.
  4. Improve in a collaborative manner the definition and implementation of local strategies for the development of the surf sector.  

Structure and functioning of the network of cities?

The city of San Sebastian promoted the creation of the World Network of Surf Cities and leads the technical secretariat for the coordination of its activities. All the cities in the Network form part of the Management Committee.

The cities in the Network celebrate an annual reunion for the presentation of the annual results and approve the plan activities for the following year. The event to launch the Network took place in San Sebastian in November 2011.

The Network has a strategic plan and an annual plan of actions.