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The city is interested in capitalising on its experience in tourism and exchanging destinations with the other city members of the network. It is the top destination for the central part of Chile and Argentina and has the most active summer in Chile. It hosts the Latin American International Song Contest, which is shown in many countries, giving it greater visibility. By promoting sports in general and in particular recreational/competitive surfing, it is set to become a venue for the Pan America Games in 2023, focusing chiefly on surfing events.

Consequently, the city will be hosting one of the biggest sporting events after the Olympics, and so we are also particularly interested in any experience the network’s city members have in hosting large-scale sporting events, which will be highly useful to the success of these games and surfing in particular.

We are particularly interested in tools that offer accurate measurements and readings of the economic impact of surfing. In relation to High Performance, the city will be constructing a High Performance Surf Centre (CAR SURF), and the experience of Viana do Castelo is crucial to the success of such an initiative.