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Surf Care is expressed in the best possible way in Santos through the free and inclusive initiatives of the Radical School.

Santos has the first blind surfer in the world and first adapted surfboard for the visually impaired, designed and built by Cisco Araña, the first professional surfer who competed outside of the country.

The project Dreaming On the Waves, supported by the city and by Rotary Santos Praia, has already been taken to Spain/Canary Islands, Basque Country/San Sebastián and Mundaka.

Dreaming On the Waves will take its project, this year, to Uruguay and Southern Brazil, where it will act as a seedbed, offering methodology, didactics and boards for the blind.

Among other important projects, we can mention Omelca, for children with intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, attention deficit; Surf for the Elderly; Surf Cinema; Nighttime Surfing.

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