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Tourism is one of the main economic activities in the city of Donostia-San Sebastian, and not least is surf tourism. It is calculated that around 6,500 visitors/tourists practice surf in the city each year, representing a turnover of €2,730,000. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Cantabria and not for nothing did the prestigious publication National Geographic rank it as one of the 20 best surf cities in the world, thanks to its beauty and the range and variety of leisure activities. 

Products and services to highlight.
Green Nest Hostel /Uba Aterpetxea. Alternative, green, sustainable, eco-efficient and open to multicultural relations, which seeks to attract, most particularly young people, families and research groups, innovation, culture and sport, placing special emphasis on the surf sector, which attracts so many tourists to the city.

Donostia Surf Camp San Sebastian A surf camp which combines the Green Nest Hostel / Uba Aterpetxea and the best surf schools in the city. Surf packets with accommodation and other leisure activities are offered.

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