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City of Gold Coast - Global surfing capital

Famous for its sun, surf and sand, the Gold Coast stretches along 57km of coastline. In less than a century, the city has evolved from a string of seaside villages to one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world. Much of that growth and succss has been build ton the Gold Coast’s reputation as the preferred destination for the world’s surfers.

In the 1950’s – 70’s a strong surfing industry was developing on the Gold Coast, and by 1977, the City was ready to take centre stage when it hosted the Stubbies Surf Classic at Burleigh Heads. This was the first event of the modern world surfing tour which was fittingly won by local surfing legend Michael Peterson.

Since this time, surfing has become a huge part of the lifestyle and economy of the Gold Coast. Our world-famous surf breaks continue to attract international surfers of all ages and skill levels, as well as regularly producing home-grown surfing world champions such as Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and Stephanie Gilmore. The city continues to be the home of surfing heavyweights, world famous surfboard shapers, and regularly hosts national and international profesional surfing events. To view a complete history of surfing on the Gold Coast please visit the following site -

The Gold Coast has more active surfers per capita than anywhere else in the world. Not suprising we have

  • 57 Km of beaches
  • 3 National Surfing Reserves (Burleigh Heads, Currumbin and Snapper – Kirra)
  • 4 world class point breaks
  • over 500,000 residents
  • surf to suit all levels of experience
  • 35 beaches patrolled by year-round City of Gold Coast lifeguards
  • On average 10 million visitors a year to the city
  • Who spend $ 4 billion per year   

There is no better place than the Gold Coast to find a board or surfing gear. Hire a board, find an expert shaper who will craft the perfect board, experience a surf lesson at one of our surf schools, or check out the huge range of local surfing retailers who’ll get you kitted out whatever the conditions.

The City of Gold Coast Sport Plan highlights the sport of surfing as one of the city’s most strategically significant sports. As part of our Economic Development Strategy, the City will continue to attract surf businesses and surf tourism and events to the city to diversify our economic base, increase employment opportunities, nurture innovation, foster competitive business and increase international investment and export activities.