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Donostia-San Sebastian is a city of 180,000 inhabitants situated on the east coast of the Basque Country. Washed by the rough waters of the Cantabrian the city has 3 very active beaches for practising nautical sports. Zurriola beach is the most exposed and has the best waves for surfing. It hosts important surfing events such as the world ASP, Pro Juniors, children's trials, national circuits and others. At present there are 11 surf schools and its beaches are regulated.

Surfing started in the city in the 1950s with the Artetxe brothers and since then names such as Marta Huercanos, Pablo Postigo, Inigo, Iraola, Oskar Garcia, Benat Elosua, Kepa Alvarez, Borja Agote and Norman Landa have been great emissaries of San Sebastian surfing at all kinds of international events.  

Its location, surrounded by the great breakers at places like Mundaka, Menakoz, Punta Galea, Zarautz, Hossegor and Anglet just an hour away, and its attractive provision of leisure activities make San Sebastian an ideal place to enjoy surfing on the Basque Coast.

Outstanding in this surfing environment are: Pukas, the largest manufacturer of surf boards in Europe; Wave Garden, the company that is revolutionising the world of surf with its artificial wave designs; Trinityboardsport, engineering that designs parabolic boards and chips incorporated in the surf boards; and Surfilmfestibal, the first surf film festival in the world, among others.


  • 600 registered surfers
  • Resources managed by surf schools ad clubs: €72,000 a year
  • 5 surf events and championships that generate €132,000 a year
  • 48 companies linked specifically to the surfing industry. 14 public agents.
  • Turnover in the industry: €6,196,900 (2010)
  • The turnover in the surfing sector represents 0.03% of the GDP in Guipuzcoa.
  • Employment: 150 people
  • 6,500 people-tourists who practise surf visit us a year.
  • Annual turnover of €2,730,000 from visitors, tourists and surf enthusiasts in the city.
  • 17 support organisations (associations and federations, training centres or universities, technological research centres).

The surf industry cluster "Surf City Donostia" encompasses 79 partners in the surf industry, administration, public entities, technological centres and universities. Together they develop an action plan that seeks to improve the ranking of this sector internationally, providing its companies and professionals with new and more efficient competitive tools through innovation, training, cooperation and talent.