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The economy generated by surfing is very real in Lacanau which still hears to increase responsibly its attractiveness.

The city is positioning itself in the markets for nature sports tourism and business tourism in order to reduce its dependence on seasonality.

On the one hand, its land-use plan includes the development of business parks focused on surfing and skiing. In particular, the creation of an ecosystem integrating an artificial wave, a training center, research and performance for surfing, will promote the radiation city and the establishment of companies and start-ups at the technology, innovation and digital technology.

On the other hand, it intends to reinforce its event offering by relying first and foremost on surfing and skiing, but also well-being and health. It is in this the framework of his candidacy for the organization of the surfing Olympic Games of Paris 2024.

Other reflections are underway to attract or create new world-renowned events, building on the specificities and added values of the territory.

Today, thanks to competitions such as Lacanau Pro, Lacanau has brought financial and organizational partners such as the Girondins de Bordeaux, Sooruz and Caraibos. It continues its approach with its historical and new partners to involve them always more in the events of glide Canaulais (as for example on the brand new skate park).

There are also more than 10 surf shops in Lacanau, shapers and repairers (3 structures), equipment rentals at the ocean and on the lake, surf camps (more than 3 accommodation and support structures), bars restaurants and shops station that cultivate the surf identity of the City.