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One of the most celebrated events during the 60’s was the “Regatas de Caballitos de Totora”. In this event, totora riders from different beach communities came to Huanchaco to participate in several different games involving the caballito de totora. There were fishing contests, surfing contests, paddle race contests, etc. Years later, similar events took place in the early 90’s, with “Festival del Mar” and “Pescadores de Olas” The former was the idea of Huanchaco’s WSR Ambassador and Protector, Felipe Pomar. Thanks to Pomar Hawaiian connections, the ‘Festival del Mar’ was attended by the most prominent surfers of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Bobby Owens, Mark Foo, Marvin Foster, and Ronnie Burns were some of the many Hawaiian and American surfers that visited Huanchaco during the festival.

Since 2010, Huanchaco has hosted the Huanchaco Repalsa Longboard Pro, the most important longboard contest in South America. Next year, for the first time, Huanchaco will be home to WSL WQS, an event that will bring the best rippers of the region seeking to join the World tour.

The ISA held the first World Longboard Surfing Championship in 2013, and regional and national events are held very often in Huanchaco, due to its wave quality and consistency.