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In the last fifty years, Peruvians surfers have witnessed numerous atrocities committed against many of their beaches and surf breaks. Perhaps one of the most egregious attacks was the destruction of the emblematic beach of La Herradura, in Lima, perpetrated during the 80’s. All those abuses against our coastal environment galvanized the union of the surf community and with the help of the executive and legislative branches of the Peruvian government; the law 27280 was enacted to protect surf breaks suitable for the practice of surf related sports. Huanchaco was the second beach in Peru to be inscribed before the National Surf Register (RENARO in Spanish) in order to get the full protection of the law 27280.

The construction of Salaverry Port, south from Huanchaco, has greatly affected the sand flow carried out by the Peruvian current. As a consequence, beaches located north from Salaverry have been sand depleted due to coastal erosion caused by the wave-breakers built in Salaverry. The central government has been hard pressured by regional and local authorities and the population to correct this anomaly.   Due to the law 27280, which states that, solutions made previously, such as building several jetties to fix the problem, have been dismissed as non-viable. The population of the province of Trujillo, where Huanchaco is located, is against solutions that include physical barriers such as jetties or groins to diminish the force of the waves. They are aware that this kind of solution will eventually bring more problems, destroying not only the beauty of the beaches but the waves as well.