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The first surf school in Huanchaco was “Escuela de Tabla Muchik”, founded in 1992 by the Huamanchumo brothers.

Since then many other surf schools have been created offering a fun and safe way to learn surfing in Huanchaco.

Although board shaper aficionados were present from the very beginning of modern surfing in Huanchaco, it wasn’t until local shaper Yenth Ccora opened his workshop that surfboards were made professionally in this surf city.There are a handful of surfboard shapers; one of them is the two times WSL Longboard champ, Piccolo Clemente with his well renowned PC longboards.

Shapers, glassers, repair workshops, custom made board bags, surf shops can be found in Huanchaco, so surfers visiting from all other places can enjoy this beautiful sport with no worries for lack of gear.

Javier Huarcaya Pro, the ISA Surfing Master Kahuna 2013, is one of the three ambassadors of Huanchaco World Surfing Reserve. He has developed a reputable business in an innovative epoxy foam blank, called XTR, and this brand also offers high performance surfboards. One of Huanchaco Surf City’s projects is to host a series of surf seminars, with Javier Huarcaya as keynote speaker, with the aim of helping to improve the quality of the board making industry in our beach community.