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Through the organism PROMPERU, the Peruvian government launched a tourism program several years ago called ‘Ruta Moche’, (Moche Route), with the purpose of bringing more tourists to the regions of La Libertad and Lambayeque. These regions offer a variety of points of interest for visitors, from impressive ancient Moche archaeological sites, such Huaca La Luna and Huaca Cao Viejo in La Libertad region and Huacas de Túcume in Lambayeque region, to world class museums, exquisite cuisine and beautiful beaches with incredible waves. Huanchaco has been the role model of this program, the number of tourists visiting Huanchaco has increased noticeably for the last ten years or so.

This beach community is the only World Surfing Reserve in Peru and the first in Latin America; this has made of Huanchaco a surf destination. This beach is also very close to Trujillo, the fourth most important city during the colonial time and nowadays one of the most progressive cities in Peru. Chan-Chan, the former capital city of the Chimu empire is located a few Km from Trujillo, The Huacas del Sol and La Luna in Moche is only 20Km south from Trujillo. Because of its location, Huanchaco is an ideal place to stay if one wants to visit the Trujillo area. Local authorities and business owners from Huanchaco are very excited about the admittance of their beach to the World Surf Cities Network, and they have no doubt that this new status for Huanchaco will boost the number of tourists visiting this ancient community.

Huanchaco’s hotel capacity is around 1000 beds and it has a wide variety of restaurants that offer superb Peruvian and international cuisine.

Recently the municipality of Huanchaco opened a modern security center to safeguard the well-being of the community; such center has a state of the art security cameras and TV monitors, 24/7, to quickly respond to any situation that may threaten Huanchaco’s residents. The municipality of the district of Huanchaco has the commitment to offer a safe environment to all, both visitors and residents.