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Coastal erosion has taking a big toll in the totora ponds located in Northern Huanchaco, where one third of them have been destroyed by the ocean.

Save the Waves Coalition, the USA Non-Profit Organization that oversees the World Surfing Reserves program, is working together with Huanchaco World Surfing Reserve to set up a “Carbon Offset Program” that will increase significantly the amount of totora ponds.

Save the Waves Coalition will be an application that can be used by surfers around the world. Every time they purchase an air ticket for their next surf trip, they can use this app to donate money for the recovery of the Huanchaco’s totora ponds. By doing this, they will be helping to offset the carbon emission, thanks to the capability of the totora reed to absorb carbon.

This unique program will not only increase the amount of totora ponds located in Huanchaco but will also help to fence the boundaries of Chan-Chan, the former capital of the Chimu Empire, creating a natural habitat in both places.