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The interest of the Municipality of Mafra is related to the growth and promotion of surfing, adopting policies for sustainable development and involving the local population.

The application of Ericeira World Surfing Reserve reveals the concern of the municipality in preserving the coastline and especially the quality of its waves. Learning through cooperation between countries, both institutionally and even through public-private partnerships is another of the interests of the municipality. Actions for the conservation of coastal areas, as well as providing incentives for private investment in areas such as hospitality, trade and services are also a priority. In regards to the promotion of Ericeira, national and international recognition is a priority, not only as excellent destination for surfing, but also for the sun and beach tourism segment.

The importance of tourism to the economy and population of the coastal zone of the municipality of Mafra, more specifically from Ericeira, raises the need to get involved with measures and actions to recover and strengthen the competitiveness of the destination and ensure balanced and sustainable growth.